Evidence of Murder by Lisa Black (Book Review #2)

evidence1Reviewed by Vickie Dailey

Evidence of murder is the second book in a new series that has CSI Theresa MacLean as the focus character. Theresa’s fiancé had been killed 9 months ago, and she has not been able to focus fully on her work. While working on two similar cases, a third more interesting death has taken place. While all are similar, only the third catches her waning attention. The crime seems to be the perfect murder.

Theresa sets out to prove that the husband of the victim is guilty while everyone around her thinks she is blaming him because of her finance’s death. With the help of the murder victim’s friend, they set out to prove that he did it. With no real proof or evidence, (Theresa through apathy did not really process any evidence). The ending has Theresa setting the stage that finally proves her case (while almost dying herself).

Theresa MacLean, as a heroine, lacks in personality and you don’t have any real bond with the character or care if she solves the case. Hopefully the third installment will prove to be a better effort.

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