Drawn in Blood by Andrea Kane

drawnReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Andrea Kane is one of my favorite authors and it is always a treat to read her latest book.

Agent Slone Burbank’s mother is attacked in her Manhattan apartment. The apartment is ransacked. It soon becomes apparent that this is no random robbery.

Thirteen years ago Matthew Burbank and his partners were witnesses to a crime that took place overseas. He now realizes that being a witness to this crime has come back to bring danger into life.

Matthew Burbank tells the whole story to his daughter, Sloane, but he does not want her to tell to anyone else. This makes it very difficult for Sloane because the man on the case is FBI Special Agent Derek Parker who is the man she is in love with. What does she do? She knows she must talk to Derek and tell him what happened but how can she do this to her father?

Danger prevails and there are so many things happening at the same time you will need a scorecard to help you keep straight.

Andrea Kane is a master at writing a suspense novel. She will keep the reader on the edge of their seat through the entire book making one wonder what is going to happen next. The story gets more exciting with the turn of each page. I have read all of Andrea Kane’s books. They are all excellent but I think this one is the best yet!

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