Close Encounters of the Third- Grade Kind: Thoughts on Teacherhood by Phillip Done

closeReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Close Encounters of the Third-Grade Kind is a delightful read written by Phillip Done, an award-winning teacher.

The author takes the reader on a journey of what it is like to be in the classroom from September through June. He begins by giving the reader his definition of “Teacherhood” and one of the things he states is “Next to parents, teachers are the most influential people in the children’s lives”. That is so true!

Mr. Done continues by telling us about the back-to-school sales that teachers cannot resist and how excited they are to gather their supplies for the new school year. One thing he pointed out is not to let anyone in the store know you are a teacher. If you ever visited your local Staples or Office Depot in August, you know how busy it is with the parents and children shopping for school supplies. Mr. Done saw a parent who looked confused and he offered to help her and mentioned he was a teacher. When others heard that he was a teacher, he was surrounded by parents with all kinds of questions regarding the school supplies.

Phillip Done touches on just about every subject that could happen in a school from photos, the intercom, the school secretary, the principal, the teacher’s desk and many, many more. One of the funniest chapters is the different ways children find to spell words. You will find yourself laughing out loud when you read this one.

Close Encounters of the Third-Grade Kind is full of hilarious stories about Mr. Done and his students. This book will bring back memories for all of you. It will make you think of some of your favorite teachers that you had through the years. Every teacher should read this book – especially new teachers. I worked in a school district for over thirty years and these stories really sound so familiar. Parents will enjoy this very entertaining book also. What a great way to start a school year!.

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