Baby Shark’s Jugglers at the Border by Robert Fate

jugglersReviewed by Patricia Reid

Kristin Van Dijk a/k/a Baby Shark has just escaped from a dangerous situation. She has recovered a bunch of stolen silver and managed to survive a shoot out but she left some bodies behind in the old farmhouse. She was not the only one shooting and she barely survived. She contacts her partner Otis Millett and asks him to meet her at a little café. Kristin told Otis there had been some problems and she needed to get in touch with Lieutenant Carl Lynch of the Fort Worth Police Department. Kristin hadn’t always been prompt in letting Lynch know when she had been involved in a shooting and thought it was to her benefit to notify him on a timely basis this time.

Kristen has her own apartment but feels like Henry’s is her home. When Kristen’s dad was killed, Henry Chin’s son was killed and Kristen was hurt. Kristen lived with Henry while she recovered and learned to love Henry. Otis and Kristen decide to take a break and visit Henry as well as Kristen’s dog that lives with Henry. The visit doesn’t last long because Otis receives a phone call that would change his life. Otis is asked to come and identify the body of Dixie Logan, his ex-wife. Otis and Dixie were divorced but Dixie was never far from Otis’ thoughts.

Dixie was shot but didn’t go down without a fight. It appears Dixie had been involved in a bank robbery and someone wanted to find out where she hid the loot. Dixie managed to get off a shot before she died.

Kristin agrees to go under cover and pose as Dixie’s heir in an attempt to track down her murderer. This hunt for the killer covers many miles and puts Kristin in a lot of danger but Otis is always somewhere in the background to back her up.

As the investigation proceeds, Otis learns more and more about Dixie. Otis finds that he held a very special place in Dixie’s heart. The chase for her killer is exciting and includes car chases and jumping from a train.

The author brings many reminders of the 50’s to the reader when Otis lights up a lucky or Kristin asks Otis if he has any buffalos so she can make a long distance call.

This is the fourth book in the Baby Shark series and the books get better and better.

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