Across the Pond by Storyheart (Book Review)

pondReviewed by Julie Moderson

The author uses a pen name Storyheart and is known for his short romance stories.

Storyheart left England in 2000 moving to the USA to be with the woman he loves. I think there is quite a bit him in the 15 year old Fred Squire.

Fred is sent by his parents to the United States for a visit with their old friends. Fred is very nervous about staying with his parent’s friends because he really doesn’t know them. He is not sure if he has the right clothes and will say the right things. He is just a typical 15-year-old boy. When he meets their daughter Brittany he is thrilled by her. They quickly become an item. He is working on a school project and is looking for the differences in our languages. I was surprised to find out how many words are different. Fred becomes Brittany’s and her friends’ protector.

Fred and Brittany are a teen love story that is so tender and sweet. Storyheart puts enough twists and turns into the story to keep it interesting and the ending is great but I won’t spoil it. This is a great read for any age.

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