A Separate Country by Robert Hicks

countryReviewed by Nancy Eaton

A Separate Country is an historical novel based on the post Civil War life of General John Bell Hood. This story is told through journals and diaries of John Hood, Anna Marie and a former soldier Eli Griffin.

General Hood has been through a great deal in the war. He lost the use of his left arm and had to have his leg amputated. He is known as one of the most controversial generals and many lives were lost under his command. He now wants to start a new life in New Orleans.

Hood’s life did not get much better. He did marry a beautiful woman, Anna Marie, and they had eleven children. However, financially, things turned out to be a disaster for him. He lost his wife and oldest daughter to yellow fever.

The bad luck does not end here for the general. His past starts to haunt him and so do some people who want to take advantage of him.

Robert Hicks does a wonderful job as a storyteller. He can recreate this era like no other writer with his vivid descriptions. If you are a Civil War fan, you will really enjoy this book. If you are just looking for a good read, you will find that here also.

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