A Change in Altitude by Anita Shreve (Review #2)

changeReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Patrick and Margaret are newlyweds. Margaret is a photographer and Patrick is a physician. They are living in Kenya for a year while Patrick does some medical research.

They are invited to climb Mt. Kenya along with two other couples. A tragedy occurs and one of the climbers falls to her death. Was the accident Margaret’s fault because she was not as physically fit for this challenge as much as the others?

Most of this novel deals with what happens after this accident. How does this accident affect Margaret and her marriage? Are Patrick and Margaret able to keep their marriage intact? Is the only solution to do the climb again?

Anita Shreve has written a compelling novel. Her descriptions of the climb are so real they make the reader feel like they are right there joining the other couples. She also gives you much to think about involving the cultures of Kenya and paints a picture of the landscape for the reader. Anita Shreve always does an excellent job with her characters. She makes you feel everything they are going through. They all have flaws and that is what makes A Change in Altitude so interesting.

I have read many of Anita Shreve’s books and enjoyed each of them. A Change in Altitude is a fast and thought-provoking read and has my recommendation.

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