Two of the Deadliest Edited by Elizabeth George

twoReviewed by Nancy Eaton

You are in for a special treat when you read Two of the Deadliest. The book consists of twenty-three never before published stories written by many top female crime writers and some newcomers. Elizabeth George has selected the stories included in this book and she includes one of her own contributions.

You will find stories by talented writers like Carolyn Hart, Dana Stabenow, Nancy Pickard, Laura Lippman, Patricia Smiley, Marcia Talley and several others.

In the introduction, Elizabeth George points out that when a crime is committed there is something that lies behind the commission and that “something” is motive. The title of this book refers to the Seven Deadly Sins. In this book, Elizabeth George states the main focus will be on just two of the sins – lust and greed. The contributors to this book could focus on one or both of these sins.

What really makes this book so special is to see the many different ways that the contributors looked a lust and greed. I could not pick a favorite in this book because I enjoyed each and every one of the stories. If you enjoy short stories that are unique, do yourself a favor and read Two of the Deadliest. I guarantee you will be very entertained.

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