The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand

castawaysReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Can you trust your best friend?

The Castaways revolves around four couples from Nantucket who are best friends and have always shared confidential thoughts, celebrated and vacationed together. The story opens with a mysterious accident when one of the couples, Greg and Tess, decides to take an anniversary sail and their boat capsizes. The couple had two young children.

The remainder of the book is broken down into sections where each of the remaining six friends give the reader an insight as to how they are dealing with the grief of this accident and details about the connection each had with the couple.

As each of the characters tell their story, the reader soon discovers there is an array of complexities involved including the fact that Tess was having an affair with one of these friends. Was Tess going to tell Greg about the affair the night of their sail or would the romantic trip that evening help to bring them back together? We will never know now.

Well-developed characters play a major role in The Castaways. Each one is a big piece of the puzzle in this story. Elin Hilderbrand always does an excellent job of character portrayal. I must point out that I love the book cover. Since the story takes place in Nantucket, the book cover picture gets the reader “in the mood”. What makes this book a little different from previous Elin Hilderbrand novels is the touch of “mystery” to the accident. I would not consider this a “light beach read” because it is much more complex. After reading this book, I wondered who can you really trust? – especially considering the fact that these people were “best friends”!

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