Some Like It Hot Buttered by Jeffrey Cohen

butteredReviewed by Julie Moderson

Elliot Freed is a former writer who had his book made into a movie and he hates the way they destroyed his book. He has dumped all of his savings into a falling apart Movie Theater that only shows comedies and old ones at that. Elliot called it Comedy Tonight and he has two employees Sophie Beringer and Anthony Pagliarulo. Elliot doesn’t own a car and his only mode of transportation is a pedal bike.

You love Elliot from the 1st page. His ex-wife is a doctor, who dumped him for a an anthologist but they still meet for lunch once a week and she drives him wherever he needs to be driven. His dad helps him to fix up Comedy Tonight and also drives him when he needs it. It is not that Elliot can’t drive he does drive when he borrows cars from his friend who has a car repair shop and lets Elliot drive customers cars. He is looking for someone to laugh with because Elliot loves to laugh and that is why he owns Comedy Tonight.

The story starts with the discovery of a dead man in row S, seat 18 after the end of the second feature. At first it looks like a heart attack but then it is discovered it is murder. Elliot decides to become his own detective so that he can keep his theater open. Elliot puts himself in jeopardy in trying to figure out who did what.

He does solve the mystery and tries to protect his employees and finds out who his real friends are.

It is a wonderful mystery and you laugh out loud at much of the book. I have never read a mystery that was so funny. It is a wonderful book with so many twists and turns.

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