Snow Melts in Spring by Deborah Vogts

snowReviewed by Jane Squires

Mattie Evans is a Vet and called to the scene of an accident. A couple of teenage boys have hit a horse. When John McCray arrives, he refuses to let the vet put the horse down. He said whatever it costs, he’ll pay for making it better.

Gil McCray, John’s son, is owner of the horse and a pro football player. Gil and his Dad haven’t had the best relationship in years. Mattie and Gil end up on rough grounds as they begin to know each other. Mattie is in love with the hills and doesn’t want to leave them for any reason. When Mattie suffers hardship, it is Gil and John who help her pick up the pieces. Gil is battling emotional problems he has been running from and doesn’t realize it until Mattie points it out to him. Mattie and Gil are in love but Mattie won’t agree to marriage as she wants Gil to stay in the hills. Eventually both Mattie and Gil have to deal with some issues.

There is forgiveness all through this book. I liked how rough relationships can be as most are. I liked how Deborah portrayed the problems between kids and parents as that so often happens. But most of all I rejoiced in the ending of the book.

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