Receive Me Falling by Erika Robuck

receiveReviewed by Chris Phillips

Erika Robuck’s debut historical fiction is a remarkable blend of eras.

Meg Owen and Catherine Dall are dealing with the same issues in entirely different times. Meg Owen loses her parents and finds that grief for her demands she leave all the familiar and go into the unknown. She goes to an unknown estate that she now owns in the tropical paradise of Nevis, a Caribbean island. She leaves her job on hold, her life in limbo and her fiancé at the alter. She attempts to find herself and her roots from this modern day, in the past of the estate, Eden.

Catherine Dall is coming of age in the estate’s peak. Her mother lost in infancy, her father losing himself in rum and Catherine finds that slavery, romance, and plantation management all mix into a maelstrom for her. Her pursuer Edward, the childhood friend, but very materialistic adult is seeking liaisons for his own pursuits and advancement has turned cruel and vicious as he grew. The new man, James, is an Abolitionist from England trying to end slavery for good and inadvertently falls for the lovely Catherine.

The trials of both women intertwine with emotion and with new and old connections to give the whole plot a surprising number of coincidences. As they each find their way, they gain and lose things they never realized they had and needed. The juxtaposition of the modern day natives of Nevis in the person of historian Drew and his recently deceased son Hamilton, with the slaves of Esther and her daughter Leah from the earlier time, bring poignancy and true passionate loss as integral parts of the tale.

This is a fine read and expectations for future offerings of Ms. Robuck are very high indeed. This is historical fiction at it best with impeccable timing and execution.

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