Painting the Invisible Man by Rita Schiano

paintingReviewed by Cy Hilterman

Living with a father for most of your years and never knowing he was a part of the mob would shake up anyone when they learned that fact. Anna Matteo lived this life and while she suspected some of father’s friends that she met were not normal people, she still had not connected him to the Mafia. While researching for the writing of a new book, Anna ran across some information that made her cringe and deep think about things that occurred in the past between her family and her father. The more she researched, the more she had to dig and find out exactly how and who killed her father and why.

Anna found much information from trial manuscripts, newspaper story microfilm’s of the news from the trials of the man that was found innocent of her fathers murder, and through current and older friends that had knowledge of her father and his acquaintances during past years. The deeper she got the more wonderment she collected in her mind as to how her father could have done the things mentioned during those trials. As hard as this information was for her to digest, she figured it had to be true since so many people had the knowledge of the many activities of her father and his friends and acquaintances.

Anna also went to many of her family members to feel them out. She also had a personal life that was different knowing she actually liked the same sex and despite her feelings for years she wasn’t always sure until she met “the” certain one. During the course of the story Jacqueline was that one. She had met her while researching in the library going through many microfilms and was thrilled to have the head librarian help her and love her socially. Many of the transcripts convinced Anna that her father had deep connections with the mob, many of whom she had met and had been given money here and there just because she was Paulie’s daughter and they liked her so much. Several times she connected the dots and was startled now to realize what had been going on.

The story goes back and forth from Anna’s days of youth and her life with her parents and other family members to current days as she researched the many files and met with all the connected people she could find. Painting The Invisible Man is an intriguing story that delves deep in the life of mobsters and what they are capable of doing. I enjoyed it quite well.

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