Everything Hurts by Bill Scheft

hurtsReviewed by Mary Z.

Marty Fleck has it all; a best-selling book, a newspaper column and, the admiration of millions. He has just one problem; he’s not real! He is the creation of Phil Camp who has been either flat on his back or suffering a limp due to unexplained back pain. Phil has two problems; get rid of Marty and his pain!

Phil meets Dr. Samuel Abrun, author of the self-help book, (The Power of “Ow”), and his daughter, Janet, which begins a funny and poignant story about sibling rivalry, physical pain, and second chances. Janet, a doctor herself, wants to debunk her father’s unorthodox methods and finds herself falling for Phil. Add in “The Irish Shrink” and Phil’s brother, Jim McManus, a right-wing radio talk show host and the author has written a marvelous, witty book about misunderstandings.

Jim and Phil have been at odds since childhood, especially, since the time Phil slept with his sister-in-law on her wedding day. Phil’s own love life is non-existent until he meets Janet. They discover Jim also had back problems and received help from Samuel Abrun. Now Jim is cured. Or is he?

Buy this book! If you have never had back pain and or family troubles you will still enjoy this comical novel. If you have had either/or you will relate to all the troubles this affliction can bring.

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