Desperate Highway by Jesse Stretch

desperateReviewed by Diane Pollock

All that he stole was stolen from him….this is the tale of Jeff Andrews, the true story of a criminal genius.

This fascinating trip down the desperate highway with a man on the run grabs your interest quickly. Money, drugs, women, the high life. Loss, betrayal, prison, the low life.

The tale begins with Jeff’s college days and early marriage to a wealthy woman. He is bored with his easy life and does not like the feeling of living off of his woman. So he gets a sales job. This man is a natural salesman, and is soon rising in the company. Unfortunately, he is tempted by a crooked co-worker and the lure of easy money.

His unhappy marriage falls apart, as does his criminal conspiracy and he is soon forced to flee and begin the first of many new identities. His hard, fast lifestyle is exciting, and yet empty. After a stint in prison he meets Jen, the Bonnie to his Clyde. At this point in the narrative he begins to finally mature, to seek something from a woman that may last.

It is the final failure of this relationship during yet another prison sentence that finally leads him to seek help and to find religion and rehabilitation.

The topic is thrilling and his progression through life towards redemption is logical, but the work could use more detail to be entirely convincing. The ease with which he scams money strains credulity at times. It would have also been nice to have had details of his childhood and more emotional content to his early years. Given the way that he lived, many such details may have gotten understandably lost in a drugged haze, but an effort to enliven would have been worthwhile nonetheless.

A book that will have you thinking long after the last page is read.

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