Deep Fire Rising by Jack DuBrul

deepReviewed by Jud Hanson

Jack DuBrul once again does a superb job with his hero Philip Mercer, who has the charm of James Bond and the ingenuity of MacGyver.

This book opens in typical fashion, setting the groundwork for the primary plot, in this case a global apocalypse. As the story opens, Mercer is hired to excavate under the highly secretive Area 51. He begins to suspect all is not as it seems when a saboteur tries to kill Mercer and his team. Then, while recuperating in the Luxor in Las Vegas, he barely escapes with his life after he is attacked by unknown assassins from a secret Order based in Tibet. DuBrul takes the reader on a wild ride across the world with Mercer dodging attempts on his life and trying to stop the Order’s plans for global domination in the wake of an unimaginable cataclysm.

DuBrul has hit the one out of the park with his fantastic and believable characters and plot development, every bit as good as Clive Cussler with Dirk Pitt or Dale Brown with McLanahan. I heartily recommend this book for action/adventure fans.

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