Crush by Alan Jacobson

crushReviewed by Russell Ilg

This has been a spring and summer as none other in the thriller, mystery and suspense genre. Alan Jacobson’s latest release, Crush, will not be out till late September, but it follows the other releases as the best the industry has to offer.

There are a lot of people who have not yet read Alan Jacobson, even though he has a number of smash thrillers out there. Part of it might be explained by the gap in time between Jacobson’s second novel and The 7th Victim, which came out last year. During this time, Jacobson was hanging out with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit and amassing the knowledge necessary to bring realism to both character and story.

Well, people, it’s time to wake up and read one of the very best writers in the industry today. Crush is by far as great, if not the best, thriller I have had the honor to read this year.

First, it should be stated that there is no one that does their homework better than Alan Jacobson before he embarks on a novel. As mentioned, he has very close ties with a number of people in the FBI, which makes Crush as real as it gets: the info sits right on the edge of everything new in crime fighting.

Crush is a surging serial killer novel that makes you gasp for breath from the very first page. The thrill ride begins when his main character, FBI profiler Karen Vail, is thrown into the hardest case of her life in the middle of Napa’s famed wine country. As Jon Jordan wrote in Crimespree Magazine last October about Jacobson’s The 7th Victim, I doors and windows were locked and the lights were on.

There are very few novels that I cannot figure out in the first handful of chapters, but Crush was one of them. The story moves briskly, with one huge twist after another. With the impeccable pacing, Jacobson doesn’t give you time to step back, relax, and try to sleuth out what’s coming next. If you try, another twist is awaiting you in the next

I cannot even go near the ending, because I am still shaking from it. You have to experience it yourself–but prepared to find your world rocked and set upside down.

Yes, there are some of the best books written in a long time out this year, and as tight as things might be financially, you have to buy Crush and put it on the top of your list. In these uncertain times, getting lost in the grips of the best thriller to come along in years is just what we need.

Be one of the first in line when Crush hits the stores; it is sure to be a HUGE contender for major awards.

As a bookseller, reviewer, and avid reader of thrillers, this novel blew me away and left me with a very uneasy feeling at the end. It is a must-read to find out what I mean. You will not be disappointed, but you will be wondering what could possibly happen next!

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