Cookie by Lisa Woomer

cookieReviewed by Julie Moderson

Lisa Woomer is a former teacher and wrote this story because her first child was a picky eater and she is concerned about healthy eating.

I shared this book with my granddaughter. She loved the pictures because she has brown hair and brown eyes just like the girl Cookie in the story. The illustrations are so wonderful for a young child.

Cookie loves to eat cookies for every meal and even for dessert. Cookie only eats cookies – oatmeal cookies for breakfast, peanut butter cookies for lunch and chocolate chip cookies for dinner. She ate so many cookies her family said she might turn into a cookie. My granddaughter loved when the little girl, nicknamed Cookie, turns into a cookie girl and the dog takes a bite out of her cookie leg. Cookie rushes home trying to outrun all the animals and birds that want to eat her. Her parents feed Cookie real food that is good for her. When she wakes up, she is just a normal little girl who is now going to eat the right foods from now on and sometimes cookies for dessert.

I think this is a darling book for young children about eating good food told in a way that will appeal to them.

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