Blue Screen by Robert B. Parker

screenReviewed by Jud Hanson

Blue Screen brings together two of Robert B. Parker’s finest characters: Boston PI Sunny Randall and Paradise Police Chief Jesse Stone. Low budget movie mogul Buddy Bollen hires Sunny as a body guard for his “star” Erin Flint. Sunny takes the job but quickly realizes that it won’t be easy, considering Erin’s attitude. The job takes a strange turn when Flint’s sister is found dead in the lavish mansion they share with Buddy in Paradise. Enter Jesse Stone, Paradise’s laid back police chief. He and Sunny decide to pair up to solve this crime and end up falling for each other. Sunny and Jesse quickly discover that all is not what it seems when it comes to Buddy Bollen and his movie making and that could prove deadly to all involved.

Those readers, who like me grew up in the 80s, will remember the TV show Spenser for Hire based on Robert B. Parker’s no-nonsense Boston PI. Each week I could hardly wait to see what Spenser and his infamous friend Hawk would confront. It is easy to see traits of Spenser in both Sunny and Jesse but especially in Jesse. Parker manages to weave together a very readable story that flows very smoothly from start to finish. He is one of the masters of the old-fashioned detective novel with the no-nonsense PI, the wise-cracking cop and the demanding client.

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