Blindman’s Bluff by Faye Kellerman

bluffReviewed by Nancy Eaton

If Lt. Decker receives a phone call late at night, he knows it will involve a sensational case. So when the phone rings at 3 A.M. it turns out to be just that – a huge case.

A murder has taken place at the Coyote Ranch owned by billionaire Guy Kaffey. Guy was killed along with his wife and four employees. What makes everything so strange is bodyguards always surrounded Guy. How could something like this have happened? Was it an inside job?

Lt Decker begins his investigation and has many unanswered questions. Decker also finds there are plenty of suspects to go around. When someone is that rich, he is bound to have many enemies. Lt. Decker has to sift through a maze in order to try and find the answers.

Blindman’s Bluff features Lt. Decker and his team. However, Rina does get involved when a court translator needs her help.

Is Peter Decker successful at solving this murder before it is too late for Rina?

I am a big fan of the Peter and Rina series written by Faye Kellerman. Blindman’s Bluff is another excellent addition to this series. Kellerman always manages to do a smooth job of blending the characters, plot and police investigation into a thrilling and entertaining read. There are loads of characters in this story so you have to pay very close attention. If you enjoy police procedural investigations, be sure to read Blindman’s Bluff.

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