Alibi by Teri Woods

alibiReviewed by Patricia Reid

Daisy Mae Fothergill just doesn’t seem to be able to turn life around for herself. Daisy Mae lives with her Mom in Philadelphia. Daisy earns her living as an exotic dancer at the Honey Dipper. Daisy sees her chance to make some money when Sticks, one of the regulars, offers her $2,000.00 to be an alibi for one of his buddies who has been arrested on a murder charge.

Daisy meets with the investigator and tells her story. Soon after Daisy is faced with a personal tragedy that causes her to use the money she gained by giving her alibi. Daisy thinks she has found a light at the end of her tunnel when she met Reggie Carter. He treated her like a princess and she kept her employment secret from him.

Reggie turned out to be just another disappointment and when he left town and didn’t come back to her Daisy decided it was time she gave up her life as an exotic dancer and move to her mom’s old hometown in the south. That worked out for a while but as everything in Daisy’s life, she found disappointment there as well.

The reader gains a behind the scenes look at life and crime in the back alleys of Philadelphia.

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