Aging with Grace by Greg Liberman

graceReviewed by Julie Moderson

I think this is Greg Liberman’s firstnovel and he is off and running with Aging with Grace. In reading this book, you just don’t like Grace. She is a petty, conceited, angry woman who thinks she deserves to have a more exciting life. Grace has found herself middle aged and married for 40 years to a man that can do nothing to please her. Her husband, Jim, tries to make her happy but whatever he does just makes her angrier. Her friends really aren’t her friends because she just gossips about the others when she is with someone else. She hates her body because it is aging and she has a few wrinkles and a few extra pounds that she never had before. She shops to spend money as if it would make her happier but it doesn’t. Grace is in a constant battle with her teenage daughter who doesn’t respect Grace and calls her fat, which adds to her insecurities.

Grace and Jim are going to a party to find out about Jim getting a promotion. He doesn’t get the promotion, so he goes into his own midlife crisis. Grace hooks up with an old girl friend, April, on the Internet who hasn’t talked to her in many years because Jim didn’t like her. April introduces Grace to life in the fast track and she meets celebrities, gets designer clothes and is introduced to Victor a dangerous Hollywood powerhouse. She lies to Jim and meets Victor in Malibu to find a closet full of beautiful designer clothes and he pays for her to have the plastic surgery that Grace feels she deserves. She finds out just how dangerous Victor can be but will she really be safe. I won’t spoil the ending but it is shocking and a very good read.

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