A Texas Ranger’s Family by Mae Nunn

texasReviewed by Jane Squires

Erin watches her Father murder her Mother as a child. When in College she meets a man and becomes pregnant so they get married. She cannot deal with raising the baby so leaves her with the Dad to raise. She asks him not to contact her. She puts herself in harms way many times over the years photographing for World View in Iraq and other places. She becomes injured by a bomb and her husband is called. He lives in Texas and she lives in New York. She cannot believe he gives her a place to heal and she gets to know her daughter – purple spiked hair and all.

Events begin to happen while she is healing and the Ranch is having a Fund Raiser and Erin is designated to be the photographer. Daniel is a Texas Ranger and raising his only daughter all these years and is doing his best so his daughter will get to know her Mother and put some pieces together that have been missing.

I cannot do justice in a review of this book without giving away so much you need to find out for yourself.

You will find yourself flipping through this book and reading on and on to find out what will happen. When you near the end, you will weep for joy.

Mae wrote this to help people realize how our soldiers and women in Iraq are affected by the war and some of the things they deal with. It ministered to me in another way as I am in a situation where my daughter is trying to save a 9 year old girl who has suffered sexual abuse by her Mother’s boyfriend and an 8 year old boy who has had many bruises. This book encouraged me today as I was so down. A must read for inspiration, uplift, and encouragement to go on.

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