Roastbeef’s Promise by David Jerome

promiseReviewed by Cy Hilterman

What a request! Roastbeef’s father died and left his request to be cremated and for his son to take his ashes and spread them in each of the 48 contiguous United States. What a challenge Roastbeef had. This started a trip to carry out his fathers’ wishes with little funds and only the small, old Hyundai that his dad had bought for him two years earlier. The family wasn’t too enthused over this method of scattering dad all over the nation but it was a wish that had to be followed through.

Thus started the trip where Roastbeef met all kinds of people, got his lodging through many ways, some unimaginable, actually lost the urn a few times, broke it and had to find a replacement urn, and did work that he never imagined he would ever perform in his life. He performed jobs that were disgusting, were carried out in places he never dreamed of being, wore uniforms of various kinds for little pay, but all in all, Roastbeef kept prodding along.

The humor is great. You never know what Roastbeef will get into next or how he would get out of it. When the car broke down, he had to find other transportation since the car was beyond any chance of repair. He used trains, buses, hitchhiking, walking, and bicycling to talk his way along through the states. He met many characters, some he felt he could trust but others that he wanted to get away from very quickly. He even ended up in jail followed by prison for staying at the house of a person growing marijuana in his basement. Eventually he got out of the trouble he got into by sweet-talking mostly and got on his way again.

I do not want to ruin your enjoyment of the many trials, tribulations, and adventure that Roastbeef incurred along his way. He saw and did things he never dreamed of doing and as he visited each state he crossed that state off the list so his dad’s wishes could be carried out. I loved this book. It gave so much diversity of humor, characters, different locales, and how one can survive with very little money if they use their heads and are not afraid to work.

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