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We hope you enjoy this book review by Nancy Eaton.

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Lt. John Driscoll lost his daughter due to an accident caused by a drunk driver. His wife was severely injured in the accident and left comatose for six years. The Lt. would have it no other way but for her to remain at home where he was dedicated to her through the years. The Lt.'s wife finally succumbs to her injuries and he is left with a large void in his life.

A series of murders start to occur in New York City. Bodies are found at famous sites like Coney Island, a museum and the Brooklyn Bridge. The victims are killed by blunt force trauma to the head and are left in posed positions. This points to a sure sign that they are dealing with a serial killer. The one thing that also sets these murders apart from others is that the victims are scalped.

John Driscoll did not want to get involved in this case. He had other cases he wanted to close first. The Mayor would have it no other way but to have Lt. Driscoll on this case.

Lt. Driscoll asked that he not be assigned a woman to work with him but much to his surprise that is exactly what he got! The woman is Sgt. Margaret Marie Aligante who happened to be someone Lt. Driscoll worked with before on a homicide case. The two were very attracted to each other but Lt. Driscoll still considered himself a married man even though his wife was in a coma for six years. He often had guilty feelings about his attraction for Margaret.

Are Lt. Driscoll and Sgt. Aligante successful at solving this case?

This story has so many things going on at the same time it will leave the reader "spinning". You will probably want to take some time for a "breather" but that is hard to do because you won't be able to put this book down. The one thing that always amazes me is how writers come up with some of the characters they create. We will never know how Thomas O'Callaghan comes up with his characters but the ones he created for Screaming Room are the absolute tops for this very chilling book. You almost start to feel sorry for the murderers when you find out about what they went through as they were growing up but when you realize how inhumane they are with what they are doing to the victims you will probably change your mind. If you liked Tom's first book, Bone Thief, and thought that one was a thriller, just wait until you read this Screaming Room! Now we can't wait for the Thomas O'Callaghan's third book due out in 2008, which will be titled "No One Will Hear". Be sure to add "The Screaming Room" to your list of books to read.



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