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Featured Book - Sorrows & Songs by Janice Wood Wetzel

sorrows&songs2.jpgSorrows & Songs addresses with candor the events that have shaped and challenged the author's life. The forthright telling of her story through her 80th year is written in engaging vignettes, moving snapshots of memories of both Sorrows& Songs within the context of world events. Though not written in chronological order, it alludes to the Great Depression, World War II, the restrained 1950s, Civil Rights and Women's movements, 9-11, and the Global Women's movement.

Janice's life is unique in its accomplishments and resilience as a social work dean, professor and United Nations representative, as it is the personal story of common challenges experienced by girls and women from the 1930s through the early 21st century.


Featured Book - Trauma, Shame and the Power of Love:  The Fall and Rise of a Physician Who Heals Himself by Christopher E. Pelloski, MD

traumashame.jpgThere is a reason books that recount the regrets and advice of the dying strike so deep a chord: people who have nothing left to lose can tell their stories with a sincerity and unpretentiousness we crave but that is all too rare. In “Trauma, Shame, and the Power of Love” Christopher Pelloski relates his own downfall from a prominent physician-scientist in the field of radiation oncology in a similarly candid way.

Without fear of losing society’s good opinion - having lost it already - Pelloski has the freedom to be sharply honest in his observations of himself and the world around him. To the question “Why would someone with so much going for him risk, and then lose, everything, by sinking so low”? he offers a gut-wrenching, soul-baring answer that dissects his decades-long downward spiral and examines it from perspectives that range from the historical to the molecular.

Pelloski chronicles the evolution of his devastating legal battle alongside his concurrent journey of recovery from childhood sexual abuse. He shares with us the lessons he learned from these experiences in the hope they can serve as both a warning and an invitation: a warning to abuse survivors not to follow his dark path of silence, and an invitation to society to deal more openly with the multitude of painful issues that have shaped not only his life but also, tragically, the lives of so many others.

Those brave enough to set aside their prejudices and preconceptions will be richly rewarded and challenged by Dr. Pelloski’s work.



Featured Book - BOOBS:  A Tale of American Politics and a Girl by Simon Plaster

boobs.jpgWHAT'S IN A NAME? Henryetta Hebert has always thought her name - spelled with a y instead of an i - is a curse put on her at birth by her mother, intent on tying her forever to the small Oklahoma town of the same name. Now in her early twenties, she has reason to worry that the mixed male/female origin of the moniker has confused her own gender identity.

* In the context of a Mayoral election, a feminist candidate, Hildegard Bottomly, calls the town name a sexist assault in the Republican Party's ongoing War on Women.

* Jonathan Henry, wealthy descendent of the town's founder,enters the "War" against Ms. Bottomly and her related demand that a bygone "Fighting Hens" mascot be restored to replace current "Golden Knights."

* Incumbent Mayor, Buford Bailey, caught in the middle, runs for re-election on a platform of erecting statues of hometown heroes, including one of Henryetta's high school boyfriend, Gaylord Goodhart, who seems to have turned gay.

Thus, both Henryettas ---- the story's heroine and the town ---- cope with the question: WOULD A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME SMELL AS SWEET? According to The New York Times, the electoral answer may well foretell or forebode outcome of an upcoming Presidential election.


Featured Book - City Times and Other Poems by Vihang A. Naik

citytimesandotherpoems.jpgVihang A. Naik throws light on the life of a city in all its shades, glory and misery in his City Times and Other Poems. It is an anthology of his intuitive and philosophical poems. The Poems
are divided in 6 segments i.e. 'Love Song of a Journey Man' is more or less an inner travelogue, The segments, for instance, 'Mirrored Man' is about the other chimeras in the city. The
people in the city are capricious like the walk of a crab or the colours of a chameleon. While, 'The Path of Wisdom' is about
the beginning of meditation and knowledge. 'At the Shore'
records the poet's sense of futility, memory, pain, exile and alienation at the shore of life. The title of this collection is also the heading for the last of its six sections, in which the city is unfolded as a market place, as a heaven for underdogs, and as a seed bed of change and is observed at evening, at mid-night, by moon light and through fog and haze.

The poem titled 'Self Portrait' starts with the diagrammatic sketch with 7 blank pages where the reader finds only 3 words at the tail-end of the page...Here "the poet envisions in an epiphanic moment, the true nature of ones self when he wakes up, 'to see my / Self ' 'discovered beyond thought' . Between 'my self' and 'discovered beyond thought' are five blank pages. The ineffable epiphany of ambiguous. It may either suggest the discovery of a transcendental Self beyond all thought and language or it may suggest the discovery of an Absence beyond the human thought and speech.



Featured Book - Boss by Jennifer Paige

boss.jpgBoss was written with the intent to have the reader, not only to take a deeper look at the characters who are portrayed, but to
also not judge them, and attempt to understand how their individuals lives and upbringings molded them into the characters they evolved into. The book takes place in urban Brooklyn- and places the reader inside the projects- where the reader will gain an imagery of life from within. All of the characters are individually dynamic. The four main characters are:

Miah is a hood chick- with a troubled upbringing and past. She clings on to men who prove to be no good for her.

Hoffa- is a hood dude who lives off of appearances and violence.

J.R- is the somewhat of a smart hustler, who isn't afraid to back down, but also has the ability to get others to do his dirty work for him.

Jasmine is the project, college graduate, intellectual sweet-heart who ultimately falls in love with J.R... and proves to be a "rider".


Book Giveaways for February

noshredofevidence.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of No Shred of Evidence by Charles Todd.  Click on book cover for more information and to enter.




thekillingforest.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of Killing Forest by Sara Bladel.  Click on book cover for more information and to enter.





Book Giveaway Winners for  January

Winner of What She Knew

Janet Mahurin - OK

Winner of The First Order

Judy Woodruff - FL

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It's a Long Story:  My Life by Willie Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Doctor by Julie Iromuanya
Sorrows & Songs by Janet Wood Wetzel
The Bone Labyrinth by James Rollins
The Crossing by Michael Connelly
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The Mulberry Bush by Charles McCarry
The Newsmakers by Lis Wiehl and Sabastian Stuart
Trauma, Shame and the Power of Love:  The Fall and Rise of a Physician Who Heals Himself by Christopher E. Pelloski, MD

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