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This interview was conducted by Lisa Brown-Gilbert on April 14, 2018.

Today I am interviewing the talented author Alice A. Jackson.

Lisa Brown-Gilbert: What was the catalyst that started your journey into the literary world?

Alice A. Jackson: I was a journalist in television and the print media. Writing novels is an extension of that love to researching and writing.

Lisa Brown-Gilbert: Is there a particular genre you enjoy reading?

Alice A. Jackson: International thrillers. My favorite author is Daniel Silva.

Lisa Brown-Gilbert: Do you have a favorite read and what makes it your favorite?

Alice A. Jackson: Anything by Jane Austin and To Kill a Mockingbird. I believe it was the greatest American novel of the 20th century.

Lisa Brown-Gilbert: What made you chose the country music industry for the setting for Broken Chord?

Alice A. Jackson: During my 17 years living in Franklin TN, I learned a great deal about the music industry so it made a natural backdrop for Broken Chord.

Lisa Brown-Gilbert: What did you find to be the most difficult aspect of writing for publication?

Alice A. Jackson: Writing a novel is the enjoyable and fun part. Finding an agent or publisher is difficult. I am so blessed to have met Mike Parker from WordCrafts at a Nashville writers conference.

Lisa Brown-Gilbert: Your characters in Broken Chord are so a well composed, are they fashioned after anyone you know?

Alice A. Jackson: A lot of my vulnerabilities are incorporated in Sarah Ann Boswell. The rest of the characters just jumped onto the computer screen from my imagination.

Lisa Brown-Gilbert: Hindsight is 20/20 vision - is there anything you would change about Broken Chord if you could?

Alice A. Jackson: I wrote the manuscript while on a four-month world cruise in 2016. I wish I could have incorporated some of the awesome places I visited and experienced.

Lisa Brown-Gilbert: Have you considered a second book continuing the story of the characters in Broken Chord?

Alice A. Jackson: A second saga of Sarah Ann is in the future.

Lisa Brown-Gilbert: Do you have any projects that you currently working on?

Alice A. Jackson: Another novel, Deadline in Dallas, is being released in early November and I'm currently working on a sequel to it.

Lisa Brown-Gilbert: What advice can you offer to authors looking to publish their work?

Alice A. Jackson: Keep writing. Keep persevering. Keep praying. An agent or publisher will eventually discover your novel and appreciate what you have worked so hard to give voice to in your work.

Lisa Brown-Gilbert: Thanks for graciously agreeing to do this interview with me!

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