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The Way of the Dhin



In the near future, strange alien beings known as the Dhin, visited Earth. Communication with the enigmatic aliens proved problematic. The Dhin suddenly departed, without explanation, leaving a few samples of their technology. The technology seems to bend some of the fundamental laws of physics. Wide knowledge of these events would have caused chaos, so the powerful Coalition Security agency (the "child" of today's NSA) strives to maintain secrecy. The Coalition is an EU-like government spanning most of the Northern hemisphere, and holds a structure with a prime minister and parliament rather than the current US system. As Coalition researchers explore the alien technology, their discoveries
turn our understanding of physics inside out.

In this near-future tale, humanity faces numerous challenges. Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence then led to AI management of most economic and political affairs. Unfortunately, even AI are not perfect, and some volatility and conflict remain. Not everyone agrees
the AIs are aligned with our best interests.

Humanity now faces the seemingly insurmountable challenge of unlocking the secrets of the alien technology without advice or assistance from the Dhin. Are the Dhin truly benevolent? Will the Coalition military succeed in weaponizing the powerful technology?
Will scientists succeed in understanding this new science and leverage
it for the benefit of all? What might the AI governors that manage
human affairs decide is the best course of action? Could one man,
Jake Askew a test pilot, make a difference? These questions are answered throughout the course of the novel as our protagonist Jake takes a series of eventful test flights.

We learn that the AIs are not the impassive objective benefactors one might think, and that they are not all in agreement on the best course of action. The security agency CoSec, and its director Josef Krawczuk have a distinct agenda that is at odds with that of the AI governors.

All this builds to a multifaceted crisis that highlights human bravery and exploratory drive, the risks of unfettered AI, and the dangers of a deep state with its own agenda.