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Game Piece


After Detective BARRY MARSHALL falls victim to an identity theft orchestrated by the killer, a young couple is brutally murdered at a local park. The killer lures MARSHALL to the scene under false pretenses. His investigation points to the murdered woman’s ex-boyfriend, TODD PRESLEY. MARSHALL clears him after verifying PRESLEY’s alibi.

The killer phones Marshall, offering to surrender if the detective will meet him at
a cemetery. Instead of the killer, Marshall finds a third victim. When a reluctant witness to the first murders steps forward, the killer learns who he is—JOE HOOD—and kills him too.

A neighbor’s son, ADRIAN, uses his telescope-camera to snap pictures of people in the neighborhood from his bedroom window. The killer noticed Adrian at that window and later runs into him with his truck.

The killer isn’t only hunting down and killing people who have gotten crossways with Marshall, he also uses a female accomplice to mail a letter with compromis-
ing pictures of her and Marshall. Already upset that Marshall never has time for their family, ERIN kicks him out.

MARSHALL spends his time hunting down the killer while obtaining proof he never cheated on his wife. Meanwhile, Erin spends more time with her three best friends. On one girls’ night out, she befriends a customer from her pharmacy, named JAKE.

During a lunch meeting, Jake reveals himself as Erin’s ex-boyfriend, DOUG BURKE, who has undergone facial reconstructive surgery from an accident
years ago. He makes a play for Erin, but she walks out of the restaurant, angry and disgusted.

Meanwhile, MARSHALL concocts a secret plan with two PD officials to serve as bait for the killer. When he finally draws the killer out, MARSHALL struggles with him but the killer escapes. In his flight, the killer loses a burner phone. He recalls ADRIAN’s penchant for photography and makes a last-ditch effort to ID the killer by persuading the boy to email him all the pictures taken in the past week.

An electronic analysis of the phone plus ADRIAN’s pictures lead Marshall to the killer’s home. In a twist, we find out the killer was both a local pastor, JOHN TILLERMAN, who had pretended to help Marshall, and Erin’s ex-boyfriend,

Marshall finds BURKE holding ERIN hostage. He kills BURKE, claiming self-defense. MARSHALL and his wife reunite. She tells him she and BURKE had dated twelve years ago. Six months ago, while she attended a national pharmacy convention in Las Vegas, he saw her then tracked her to Temple.