Your book cover will be displayed in four places on

1.    It will be displayed on the majority of pages of - each page will look like this:
Click Here  - Look to the right and you will see the title of the book, the author's name and a brief description. This gives your book the maximum exposure as your book cover and description will appear on almost every page of

2.    It will be be displayed on the Featured Books page - the page looks like this:
Click Here  - these links will revert to in case someone wants to purchase your book.

3.  It will be displayed on our book contest giveaway page at and Mysteries Galore. These pages receive very high traffic.

  A sample is located here: - The links here will be to your review or

The space is limited.  There will be no more than 4 books listed at one time - sometimes there will be fewer.

4. It will be displayed on our New Book Info page. Here you will write an ad for your book in 30 +/- words. A sample is here. Books will be listed as orders are received. 

Books will be listed for the number of weeks you select. 

As an extra bonus, if you have a banner regarding your book, we will run it along with other rotating banners on both and Mysteries Galore.(Must be a standard size banner). If you don't have a banner available, we will make a simple one for you with the title of your book and the author's name. The link here will revert to your book at The banner will run for the number of weeks you select for your ad to run.

The cost is based on the number of weeks you choose to advertise.

Number of Weeks Rquested