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 Editor's Pick
 Agent X by Noah Boyd

Steve Vail travels to Washington, D.C. and is looking forward to his New Year's Eve date with Kate Bannon, an FBI assistant director. He helped the FBI with a case once before and had no idea they would once again ask for his assistance. Vail, a former FBI agent, works as a bricklayer. He does not like management and makes this fact well known.

The case the FBI needs assistance with involves a man named Calculus. Calculus, an officer with the Russian Embassy, informs the FBI that he has a list of Americans who are selling information to the Russian SVR. He is offering to sell the names for a price. He wants a quarter million dollars for each name and a half million for the last one. The last one would cost more because this person is a "highly placed intelligence agent." At first Steve does not want any part of this case until the director talks to him in private. The director informed Steve about some things that have recently happened – some of which involve Kate. Steve changed his mind and agreed to become involved in the case. He would be working with Kate. However, Steve wanted it made clear that he would be working with her – not for her.

Are Steve and Kate able to get through this dangerous case without something happening to them? Are they able to trust anyone?

Right from the very first page, Agent X starts with a rush of thrills that do not let up throughout the book. The author's writing skills grabbed my attention and held it there until the end of the book. If you read The Bricklayer by Noah Boyd, you will know what I mean. I enjoyed The Bricklayer very much but liked Agent X even more. Noah Boyd knows how to write a thriller by combining action, intriguing characters and several plots going on at the same time and the pace of the book is exactly right. The relationship between Steve Vail and Kate Bannon is interesting and readers will look forward to where this all goes in future books. Agent X is the second book by Noah Boyd. Readers surely have much to look forward to in future books with this author's writing style. Hold on to your seats for the last few chapters!


Author Nancy Eaton  Added On Sun Feb 06th,2011
Rating (0)  Category Mystery Book Reviews
 Article Of The Day
  Must known facts about tax liens.

A tax lien is a legal claim filed in court by a government agency against a person or business owing taxes. Tax liens normally attach to money or property to pay the taxes. A list of tax liens properties on which the taxes has not been paid are kept at the county courthouse along with the proper and complete documentation to avoid any legal problems afterward.

Every year properties are taxed for their value and every year plenty of people fail to pay their taxes on time, incurring taxes and plenty on themselves either due to the financial issue or they just misplaced the tax bills. If you are late to pay your dues then the government seeks investors to balance their budget. Tax Liens can be filed for income taxes, unemployment taxes, sales taxes, real estate excise taxes, Social Security or disability taxes. Once the tax lien is paid, papers are filed with the courts, affirming the discharge of the property.

Many investors invest their assets in the hope that they will be getting huge profit through it but in spite there lies some awful fact which must be known especially (if you are a investor) in order to avoid any complication, one disaster discussion of investment can wipe out your whole capital and your enthusiasm from all this kind of investment.   

The first step should be of building a profitable portfolio of tax liens to your self only to decide the basic purpose of your tax lien investment. Developing a portfolio will surely answer your most critical question like why do I want to invest in tax liens in the first place? Also your reason for investing will determine what type of investment will be best for you.

With the passage of time the tax lien auctions business got huge popularity, most probably because of the abrupt turning of the real estate market and worst jumping down of the stock market which has remained unstable for some time thus compel investor to see some other ways through which they can get a healthy positive outcome with huge benefit. Although profit in tax liens is slow but still it is a hidden secret to the investors. Investing in tax liens assures that your capital will go towards something that is profitable and with a set time period where you can anticipate realizing your profit. Only you have to learn the fundamental principals which are golden and yet very essential to acquire hefty profit. Also try to get more and more knowledge to strengthen your foundation in tax lien business, which could be done through the acquaintance with the property laws, ordinance and so on.
Author mike  Added On Wed Jan 17th,2007
Rating (0)  Category Finance
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 Latest Articles
 Flourless to Stop Him (A Baker's Treat Mystery) by Nancy J. Parra
  It's a busy time for Toni at her gluten free bakery.  It's Christmastime and she is trying her best to get the holiday cookies baked on time.  Toni is visiting with her best friend, Tasha Wilkes, who runs the Red Tile Inn. 

Maria, the maid, came rushing in and informed Tasha that she found a body in one of the rooms.  It turns out that the room is registered to Tim who is Toni's brother.  The body is identified as Howard Petry who was a good friend of Tim's.

In the meantime, Tim is staying over Toni's house.  The police obtain a search warrant and find cocaine hidden in Toni's garage.   Tim insists he had nothing to do with the murder of Howard or with the cocaine.  Was someone trying to frame Tim?

Toni had been so busy with her bakery that she decided to just leave the investigation to the police.  She also relied on Grandma Ruth, a woman in her 90's, who had excellent investigative skills.  As time goes on, Toni decides she has to help Tim and gets involved in the investigation.

Is Toni successful at trying to help prove Tim is innocent?

Not only is there a mystery in this book but it also contains a bit of romance since Toni, who has been divorced for many years, is a little hesitant to get involved in a relationship again.  There are a few men interested in Toni and this adds more interest to the story.

Flourless to Stop Him is an interesting cozy mystery and a pleasure to read.  There is enough of a mystery to keep the reader turning the pages.  The reader will also feel involved in the romance and in whom, if anyone, Toni will decide on as a possible new relationship.  My favorite character is Grandma Ruth who is full of life and moves along on her scooter no matter what time of day.  She can also out eat anyone when it comes to the cookies at the bakery and has fairly good investigative skills for a woman her age.If you enjoy cozy mysteries, read Flourless to Stop Him.  You will find this book very entertaining.

Author Nancy Eaton  Added On Sun Jul 17th,2016
Rating (0)  Category Mystery Book Reviews
 An Unmarked Grave by Charles Todd

An Unmarked Grave takes place in 1918. Bess Crawford is a nurse where she is assigned to a field hospital in France. She tends to the wounded. The situation gets worse as the Spanish Influenza strikes and makes not only the soldiers very ill but also some of the medical staff.

A private who is in charge of the dead bodies until a burial takes place confronts Bess. He asks Bess to come with him. The private has one more body then he should have and suspects something is not right. Bess agrees to go with the private to the shed where the bodies are kept. After viewing the body, she confirms the soldier did not die from either the influenza or from wounds received in a battle. She also recognizes the young man.

Bess wants to report this matter; however, she is taken very ill with the influenza. She is sent home to her parents. As she begins to recover, she starts to remember some of these things that happened with the soldier. At first, she thought she might have had a dream but in time she is sure about what had taken place.

Her parents do not want her to return to France because this is the second time she almost died. Bess is determined to return and solve the mystery of the young soldier. Tension starts to mount when something bad seems to be happening to people who are connected to this case.

Will Bess Crawford be able to discover what really happened?

The writing team of Charles Todd does an excellent job with the descriptive details and the reader will feel like the authors are painting a picture for them as the story continues.

An Unmarked Grave gives the reader everything they could wish for in a book. You have a mystery that is difficult to solve, three-dimensional characters and a plot that will hold your interest throughout the book. I have read several books by Charles Todd and always enjoy the historical mysteries involving Bess. The historical detail makes for a very interesting read. It is not necessary to read the other books first but you will probably want to do so once you have read An Unmarked Grave.

Author Nancy Eaton  Added On Thu Jun 14th,2012
Rating (0)  Category Fiction
 The Bone Yard by Jefferson Bass

What is the body farm? It is a research facility at the University of Tennessee where students who are studying forensics can learn about the various stages of decomposition of bodies. There are hundreds of corpses in various states of disrepair. Some bodies are above ground and others are buried.

Angie St. Claire, a forensic analyst with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, asks Dr. Brockton who is in charge of the body farm for help. Angie's sister has died and the death has been ruled a suicide. Angie does not believe her sister committed suicide. Her belief is that her sister was murdered and probably by her own husband. To add fuel to the fire, the husband did not waste any time burying Angie's sister. In fact, she was not embalmed. The difficult part is that Angie has to prove her accusations.

Dr. Brockton agrees to help Angie. He also believes that Angie's sister was murdered because suicide by shotgun is rare, especially among women. As he is beginning his investigation into Angie's sister's death, some strange things start to happen. A dog has found not one but two sculls which end up belonging to adolescents. These sculls also appear to contain fractures. Their search to identify the victims leads them to the North Florida Boy's Reformatory. A diary, apparently written by one of the students, has been found and claimed that one wrong move could land a boy in the Bone Yard. As Dr. Brockton continues his investigation, he finds opposition from the local Sheriff. Why? What is the Sheriff hiding?

Are Angie and Dr. Brockton able to find the answers that will explain how her sister really died? What is going on with the second mystery involving the sculls?

The writing team of Jefferson Bass is never short on details regarding the body farm. Some of the details will make you cringe as you are reading this book. The Bone Yard involves a mystery within a mystery. How is that for a double treat? Most of the action happens beforehand but the exciting part is following Dr. Brockton and watching him using his expertise in order to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to find the truth. The forensic details make for an interesting read as well as one that is also educational for the reader. I have enjoyed several of the books written by the team of Jefferson Bass. The Bone Yard really held my attention and I could not wait to read the next chapter. If you enjoy investigations involving forensics, The Bone Yard is a must read.

Author Nancy Eaton  Added On Thu Mar 10th,2011
Rating (0)  Category Mystery Book Reviews
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