Killing Season: A Thriller by Faye Kellerman

Reviewed by Mark Moderson

The Killing SeasonFaye Kellerman hits a home run with theKilling Season. After finishing the novel, I couldn’t believe that it was close to 700 pages as the pages flew by and I couldn’t wait to see if Vicks was able to solve his sister’s murder.

The novel takes place in small town New Mexico and centers around Ben Vicksburg or Vicks as he’s known throughout the story. Vicks is a high school senior and a math genius who is obsessed with finding his sister’s serial killer. The nerdy Vicks finds an unlikely sidekick in the new girl in town who happens to be way out of his league. While this may seem a bit cliché Vicks and Ro share a common link in that they have both loss a sister, as well as dealing with families that are trying to overcome a great loss. Vicks and Ro make a great team working together to try and locate the serial killer before he kills again.

The author does a good job in creating a likeable character in Vicks that you want to succeed in finding his sister’s killer. She also does a good job introducing the secondary characters affected by the tragedy. While the novel is long it is necessary to tell the story and get to the conclusion.

Overall I really enjoyed this book; the characters were easy to like, the book moved along at a good pace and had a little of everything. It had mystery, suspense, action and ended with good over evil.