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The Shattered Tree (Bess Crawford Mysteries) by Charles Todd

Reviewed by Teri Davis

The Shattered TreeBess Crawford is a hard-working battlefield nurse. It is October of 1918 and working in a field hospital in France is exhausting as well as dangerous with combat nearby.

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For one soldier, it is even stranger. One single soldier is holding onto a single tree. Somehow, a man is hiding behind a battered-up tree with no shoes and with little left of his uniform. The rescuers have to pry his fingers from the bark of the tree. Not knowing whether the man is dead or alive, they place him on a stretcher, covering him with a blanket.

Protect and Defend (Center Point Platinum Mystery) by Vince Flynn

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Protect and DefendHe’s back! Yes, Vince Flynn has Mitch Rapp back in another CIA type thriller that he is well known for. I am not sure how, when, and where Rapp got his training but he not only got it but he seems to improve upon it in every new story that Flynn brings forward.

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If you have read any of these stories you know that Rapp works for the CIA but doesn’t really report to them or anyone….not even the President! When he is out on some type of assignment he goes about the business of doing what has to be done in the Rapp fashion. And that fashion does not always set well with some of the higher authorities in the government. I suppose they control him to a degree but they also realize that he is in the field, on the spot, knows the situation, and has always completed the task that he has been given. No doubt that he is meaner, tougher, and quite likely to go outside the lines of code of conduct that those authorities do not necessarily want him to go outside of. BUT he gets the job done!