The Proof That God Exists: The Solution to a Puzzle Spread through Sciences and Other Disciplines of Human Knowledge by Mauricio Mediano

Reviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

The Proof That God ExistsThe Proof That God Exists by the highly talented author and scientist, Mauricio Riguette Mediano, Ph.D., takes a look at scientific evidence and explains in a way that laymen can easily understand that science can be used as evidence to prove the existence of God. Mediano organizes the book, subtitled “The solution of a puzzle spread through sciences and other disciplines of human knowledge,” into short, succinct chapters summing up the proof offered by various scientific disciplines that explains how the creation of intelligent life on Earth cannot be chalked up to simple coincidence. There must, Mediano argues, be a Creator, a God, behind science and behind the creation of humans on our planet.

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Everything involved in establishing the extremely specific conditions under which intelligent life can evolve and be created in the first place makes it almost impossible that it could happen without there being a God involved. Mediano makes the case that the conditions intelligent life occurred on Earth are unique, and he uses science to establish that the likelihood these specific conditions could have occurred anywhere else is very slim.

For example, in the first chapter of The Proof That God Exists, titled “The Stability of Atoms,” Mediano writes about how his physics high school teacher taught the class “that atoms are the core building blocks of ordinary matter.” He then mentions that everything is made of atoms, and specific atoms that combine themselves into molecules like water are essential for intelligent life to come about. Other atoms that are radioactive, on the other hand, would make it difficult, if not impossible, for intelligent life to be created and flourish.

Of course, there are radioactive atoms and elements on Earth, but our atmosphere helps to block enough of the dangerous radiation from the sun and other sources to enable life to exist here. Mediano goes into how if the spin of atoms, their masses or charges, were different, life would not be possible; and, if the Earth’s core was not magnetic and molten, and the planet did not have the type of gravity it has, that life would not be possible on our planet.

He writes in the second chapter of The Proof That God Exists, titled “The Instability and Fragility of Atoms,” that “The flow of molten rock inside Earth also has the side effect of generating Earth’s magnetic field, which protects the atmosphere, keeping it from leaking into space.” In other words, what Mediano is saying is that if atoms were made any differently than they are, and if circumstances were not exactly right so that our planet’s core didn’t contain molten rock, Earth would not have an atmosphere, and there would not be life on our planet. It would be like probably every other planet, devoid of life.

In chapter after chapter of The Proof That God Exists, like chapter five, “The Synthesis and Stability of Organic Molecules,” and chapter seven, “The Formation of a Star,” Mediano builds the case that there is an order in science just as there had to have been an order for the creation of intelligent life in the form of humans. If our star was any different, and not a yellow one of approximately the same age and size of our sun, the possibility of Earth supporting intelligent life would be either impossible or highly unlikely.

In The Proof That God Exists, Mediano makes a persuasive argument that science can be used to bolster the case that God exists and is responsible for intelligent life, in the form of humans, to have come about on our planet. He lays out his case with almost lawyer-like precision, using logic and the principles of physics as well as other scientific disciplines, to defend his basic premise. He excludes the likelihood, or at least, drastically limits the possibility, of intelligent life having been formed or evolved anywhere else in our universe. For anyone interested in science, and how it can be used to help establish that God exists and was behind the creation of intelligent life in the form of humans on our planet, The Proof That God Exists is a fascinating Must Read book that would make a great addition to your reading list and home library.