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Hide Away: An Eve Duncan Novel by Iris Johansen

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Hide AwayThe lady writes good thriller type stories often with Eve Duncan and her guy, Joe. And they always seem to get into some pretty difficult situations because of Eve’s forensic sculpting background. One thing that is also always evident is the idea of ghost like folks who converse with the main characters to some degree. And also all of Eve’s family which grows with each book is forever indebted to her and each other. Everyone is thankful and responsible for one another almost to an unbearable degree sometimes.

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In Hide Away Eve is now caring for Cara Delaney whose sister had been killed and then her traveling caretaker Elena was also killed. Cara and her sister were daughters of one of the major drug lords in Mexico and while they were running from the gangsters Eve and Joe had stepped in and gotten caught up with caring for Cara. Eve had done a forensic sculptor of Cara’s sister from a photo which is how she began her association with Cara (about one book ago in Johansen’s chain).