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Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory

Reviewed by Teri Davis

Three Sisters, Three Queens“You can’t do what you want when you are a princess,…You are doing the work of God, you are going to be the mother to a king, you are one below the angels, you have a destiny.”

Can anyone possibly imagine what Margaret Tudor’s life was like as a child? Author, Philippa Gregory, her natural curiosity to this character has created a marvelous, insightful perspective to the infamous and long-lasting events of the time.

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Margaret adored her older brother, Arthur who was to be the next King of England. Along with her younger sister, Mary, the two sisters joined by a third, the intended wife of her brother, Katherine of Aragon from Spain, these three united in a sisterly bond lasting most of their lives. Her parents were Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, the ones who sponsored the expedition of Columbus.

Downfall: A Brady Novel of Suspense by J.A. Jance

Reviewed by Suzanne Odom

DownfallCochise County Sherriff, Joanna Brady, returns in another thrilling, suspense novel. Brady, the mother of two and with a baby on the way, finds herself coping with the emotional aftermath of her mother and stepfather’s sudden and unexpected deaths. She must plan their funerals and also run a successful re-election campaign as well as perform her job duties.

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While dealing with the turmoil in her life, Joanna is notified of two dead bodies found at the bottom of a cliff known as Geronimo. She pulls herself together and rushes to the scene. It is not known if the victims, two females, knew each other, only that they were found dead next to each other. Joanna and her deputies race to collect evidence and have the bodies removed before a big storm rushes in. Then she must try to identify if the women jumped or were pushed off the cliff.