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The Innocents (A Quinn Colson Novel) by Ace Atkins

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The InnocentsPretty interesting book about Quinn Colson (one of Atkins’ favorites) and the problems in Jericho, Mississippi. A word of warning however to possible readers….there is a ton and a half of profanity!

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Don’t understand all of it but realize that there is a certain group of people, seems like especially in the poorer areas of the south that can only converse when they use foul language. I’m sure the same occurs in the North but regardless it is still overemphasized I believe by some authors. Not really necessary for the story line so I guess it must be either for word count or frustration on the author’s part.

The group that I assume make up The Innocents are all of the characters. It has to be a play on words or something as there surely are no innocents in this story.