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A Murder of Crows (James Hicks) by Terrence McCauley

Reviewed by Jud Hanson

A Murder of CrowsWelcome to The University, a super-secret group created by a former President which serves the Intelligence community. Known to only a select few. The University has been integral in defending America against its enemies. James Hicks, hero of the successful effort to stop a devastating bio-weapon attack, is the newly appointed Dean of the University. His first task is to find and eliminate the person or people behind the attack. However, there are some in Washington who dislike The University and would see it destroyed. Hicks must find a way to watch his back while trying to juggle the multiplying demands of his new job if he and the organization he leads are to survive.

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A Portrait to Die For by Radine Trees Nehring

Reviewed by Patricia Reid

A Portrait to Die ForCarrie McCrite and her husband Henry King have had several adventures that have brought them both close to danger and now Henry has put his foot down. He is insisting that Carrie stop getting the couple involved in criminal activities. Carrie has a habit of noticing things that others might overlook and so she has managed to get the couple in some tight spots. Carrie has promised that she will abide by Henry’s wishes.

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