Westward: The Journey Of Adolf Nagel by Harry Simpson

Reviewed by Lisa Brown-Gilbert

Westward:  The Journey of Adolf NagelComparable to the famous Louis L’ Amour western novels, Harry Simpson’s Westward: The Journey Of Adolf Nagel brings readers along on a wild and exciting jaunt through the old west.

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The novel starts out with a bang, literally, as seventeen year old Adolf Nagel is forced to go on the run to the untamed west, after thwarting the attempted rape of his beloved fiancé the beautiful Caroline. Accompanied by his long-time best friend, Oskar McGill, Adolf makes his way from Hocking County, Ohio into the vastness of the western frontier. Although great friends, Adolf and Oskar are polar opposites which makes for entertaining moments throughout the story.

During their travels, Adolf and Oskar travel westward encountering varied, friendly, and not so friendly denizens of the west. They also make a new acquaintance and traveling companion Sven, a big lovable but tough Swede, who turns about to become a great friend. Along the way as the trio venture they encounter plenty of colorful characters, rough terrain, pretty women and violent enemies.

Overall, I enjoyed Westward, as the premiere work in an intended series. The book turned out to be a great introduction to the characters and the series. Author Simpson has a natural talent as a writer of the western genre; his narrative was exciting, his landscape detailing vivid and his use of the western vernacular wholly realistic. I recommend Westward: The Journey of Adolf Nagel not only to fans of western type novels, but, also for those readers who would enjoy a greatly entertaining read.