The Flip by Michael Phillip Cash

The Flip

Reviewed by Lisa Brown-Gilbert

A well-spun tale of romance, paranormal beings, and a dilapidated haunted Victorian mansion, The Flip is a horror story will keep you rapt in its pages as the lives of house flippers Brad and Julie become entwined with the spectral beings that inhabit Hemmings house.

For house flipper Julie Evans, Hemming house is a dream, when she looks at the dilapidated mess she sees nothing but potential for it to be turned into a successful Bed and Breakfast however for her husband and fellow flipper Brad it is nothing but a burdensome eyesore that he wants to get rid of it as fast as possible. Little do Brad and Julie know that the house harbors a dark past, full of secrets and phantoms from the past that can and will affect their lives in the corporeal world. The experiences of Brad and Julie in the house soon become the fodder of nightmares leaving them with a lasting impression of the afterlife and stark lessons about life and love.

The Flip is a creatively devised story with all the elements of a great paranormal romance; I personally found the paranormal element to be particularly fascinating. With this book author, Michael Phillip Cash has knowledgeably crafted a top rate horror tale that entertains, intrigues and leaves readers with a desire for more. This was such an enjoyable story to read; I liked it, do recommend it, and would definitely like to read the author’s other books.

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