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Cop Town by Karin Slaughter (Review #2)

Cop Town

Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

Atlanta Georgia in the time period of 1974, a time when the city was still very much a segregated city, including the police department. If you were black you knew you had to look the other way if a white cop came near you. You didn’t dare talk to them or try to give them some case information. If you were white you knew you had the blacks in your hand and they would do almost anything you requested, preferably nothing. This was true on the street or in the police headquarters. The Lawson family had its share of cops. Maggie was one of them along with brother Jimmy. When Jimmie’s partner was shot and died in the hospital after Jimmy carrying him to the ER, they knew it had been the fifth cop killed over a short period of time. After this incident, Maggie, family, and friends were very worried about Jimmy since no one had seen him since the death of his partner.

Whaley’s Big Adventure by Carole P. Roman

Whaley's Big Adventure

Reviewed by Lisa Brown Gilbert

An enchanting tale about a young whale off on an adventure, Whaley’s Big Adventure uses imagination and creativity to explain the varying whale population in the ocean to young readers. This is a charming and edifying tale written and illustrated by 5-year-old Alexander Luke. His grandmother, Carole P. Roman, who happens to be a children’s author herself presents the book. Alexander, following in his grandmother’s footsteps seems to have the same innate gift for presenting a tale that not only teaches young readers about whales but entertains as well.

The Flip by Michael Phillip Cash

The Flip

Reviewed by Lisa Brown-Gilbert

A well-spun tale of romance, paranormal beings, and a dilapidated haunted Victorian mansion, The Flip is a horror story will keep you rapt in its pages as the lives of house flippers Brad and Julie become entwined with the spectral beings that inhabit Hemmings house.

For house flipper Julie Evans, Hemming house is a dream, when she looks at the dilapidated mess she sees nothing but potential for it to be turned into a successful Bed and Breakfast however for her husband and fellow flipper Brad it is nothing but a burdensome eyesore that he wants to get rid of it as fast as possible. Little do Brad and Julie know that the house harbors a dark past, full of secrets and phantoms from the past that can and will affect their lives in the corporeal world. The experiences of Brad and Julie in the house soon become the fodder of nightmares leaving them with a lasting impression of the afterlife and stark lessons about life and love.