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The Jaffa Resonance by Patrick Delaney

The Jaffa Resonance

Reviewed by Dianne Woodman

The Jaffa Resonance begins with two thieves parasailing into the Cathedral of St. Martin in Lucca, Italy, and stealing a scared artifact, the Volto Santo, which dates back to the time of Jesus. It turns out the priceless relic is a fake, and the daring robbery triggers a series of events that have life-altering consequences for some of the parties involved in trying to locate the genuine artifact.

When archaeologist Jose Santiago, who has conducted extensive research on the Volto Santo, finds out about the theft he immediately notifies his fellow archaeologist, Dr. Johann Krugel. The two archaeologists fear that someone with a personal connection to the Vatican has accessed data about the relic. It becomes imperative to the archaeologists to retrieve the artifact before it falls into the wrong hands. So Jose travels to the Guatemalan Jungle to examine an ancient temple that he believes was built by the same culture that created the Volto Santo in an effort to track down the artifact.

Unfortunately, Jose is murdered before he can complete the mission. His death is the catalyst that draws Jose’s sister, Alexis, and Dr. Sean Casey, a neurologist and friend of Jose, into the center of a deadly high stakes game with the Volto Santo as the coveted prize. Casey and Alexis retrace Jose’s footsteps into the Guatemalan Jungle to try and find evidence backing up Jose’s belief that the ancient temple and the Volto Santo are inexplicably tied together. The lives of Casey and Alexis are placed in peril as they are spied upon and trailed by unknown assailants.

Patrick Delaney has artfully told a masterful and riveting cliffhanger that hooks readers on the very first page and keeps them on the edge of their seats until the end. The characters and settings are portrayed in such exquisite detail that readers feel as if they have a vested interest in the outcome of the story.

The author shows superb flair as a mystery writer in this book by the skillful use of a convoluted plot encompassing ancient Mayan culture, thought provoking theories about the timeframe of Jesus’ life, and the interspersing of historical scenes dating back to the time of Jesus’s death and its pertinence to the origin of the Volto Santo.

The Jaffa Resonance is a well-researched book about Mayan culture and the links to modern society intertwined with an engrossing and suspenseful mystery that leaves a reader interested in reading more from this author.

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Ice Cold: A Rizzoli & Isles Novel (Rizzoli & Isles Novels) by Tess Gerritsen

Ice Cold

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Tess Gerritsen is certainly capable of taking readers on mind-boggling jaunts as she uses Detective Jane Rizzoli and Boston Medical Examiner Maura Isles as primary characters in another exciting mystery.

This one is really far reaching as it all begins with Isles away from Boston on a medical conference in Wyoming. As usual she is having man problems in her love life so this break might bring her around to what should she do with her secret love affair with a priest. However knowing Gerritsen and Isles and their modus operandi chances are in a future story Isles will again be having problems with some man in her life.

The Garden of Burning Sand by Corban Addison

The Garden of Burning Sand

Reviewed by Book Bug

It’s almost midnight in Lusaka, Africa. A young girl wanders off from absent babysitters.
She skitters to a dark and quiet alleyway. She is then kidnapped by an unknown assailant.
Taken to an unknown location where she is raped. She is dropped off in a dark and unfamiliar neighborhood where she is found and the proper authorities are alerted.

Kuyeya is examined by a doctor. She has been assaulted in the worst possible way. She also has down syndrome.

Then Zoe Fleming comes in…Zoe is an American lawyer that has made her home in Africa.

Tiger Shrimp Tango by Tim Dorsey

Tiger Shrimp Tango

Reviewed by Book Bug


That one word makes one think of all kinds of words: palm trees, sand, water, waves, fruity drinks, etc, etc but not scams. No way. The last think you want to think about or have happen to you in paradise are scams or being a victim. That’s exactly what is happening in the state of Florida or at least in this book.

In Tiger Shrimp Tango, Serge Storms is a vigilante. He just really doesn’t like bad people, like scam artists. Who can blame him, right?

Hell to Pay by Garry Disher

Hell to Pay

Reviewed by Elizabeth Sheehan

The story takes place in today’s Australia. Constable Paul Hirschhausen has been transferred to the extremely small town of Tiverton. His transfer is due to his taking part in an investigation in which he refuses to support some fellow police that are corrupt. His new chief is of the opinion that no one squeals on a fellow officer; which makes him hated by his new fellow officers.

The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton

The Andromeda Strain

Reviewed by Timea Barabas

The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton is about how people react in unusual and challenging circumstances. This sci-fi thriller presents humanity facing the risk of extinction by the hand of a minute alien bacterium.

As the author says in the book, humanity has encountered many types of crisis, but so far, a biological one was not amongst them. So, Michael Crichton confronts humanity with the prospect of a biological crisis.