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A Multitude of Sins (A Conan Flagg Mystery Book 2) by M. K. Wren

Reviewed by Teri Davis

Conan Flagg lives a quiet life a the sole proprietor of Holliday Beach Book Shop and Rental Library in a peaceful seaside village in Oregon. He enjoys reading about adventures rather than actually immersing his life into danger. He values his books and his office which has been sound proofed so that he can truly enjoy his music. Occasionally he does not mind using his previously learned skills which were useful while he was in the military and agrees to be a private investigator for the select cases were he questions the local law enforcement.

A mysterious letter appears at the bookstore requesting a private meeting with Conan at his house. Curious, Conan contacts his housekeeper asking that she leave the back unlocked. As he arrives home, imagine his surprise to hear the harmonic tones of his Steinway grand being played by a gifted pianist.

Stuck in the Doldrums, The Treasure of Snake Island, The Crew Goes Coconuts and Captain No Beard: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate’s Life by Carole P. Roman

captain no beard

the crew goes coconutsthe treasure of snake islandstuck in the doldlrumsReviewed by Teri Davis

In Stuck in the Doldrums Captain No Beard, who in real life is a young boy named Alexander is continuing his adventures with Hallie, his cousin and first mate. This adventure maroons them on a desert island with their stuffed animals who miraculously come to life while his bed is transformed into a pirate ship with his bedroom being the ocean.

At first, Captain No Beard has problems sharing the spyglass and then he sees his crew building a sand castle. Being a captain, he feels that he needs to take over the design and the building. When others disagree with him, he becomes frustrated returning to his ship alone.

I Want to Do Yoga Too by Carole P. Roman

I Want to Do Yoga Too

Reviewed by Teri Davis

When Hallie and her mother visit the yoga studio, Hallie is disappointed when her mother leaves her with Robin and other children while she has class. Hallie insists that she can do yoga too.

As Hallie continues to complain, Robin suggests that Hallie pretend to be a tree which is quiet and peaceful. Robin continues to instruct Hallie in creating airplane wings, a butterfly, and the cobra which were all quiet activities.

When her mother returns, Hallie is surprised that this make believe time really was yoga.

A Painted House by John Grisham

A Painted House

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Lots of applause and kudos to John Grisham for writing a very interesting, heart-warming story about something other than lawyers and courtrooms. For those of us who are Grisham fans however we do know he has done this more than once. Bleachers, Calico Joe, and Playing for Pizza are more examples of his straying from the legal entities. And he does a great job regardless of the arena that he chooses.

This story is witnessed and told by a seven year old country boy living in rural Arkansas.
Luke Chandler lives in a small unpainted wooden farm house with his mother, father, and his father’s parents. All of the happenings occur during the end of the growing season in 1952 as Luke learns more and more about life besides farming. Luke’s grandfather had farmed basically all of his life except for service in World War I which left him with an injury that took away a promising baseball career.

The Kissing Bridge (Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors) by Tricia Goyer

The Kissing Bridge

Reviewed by Jane Squires

A story of faith. Rebekah lost a sister and felt called to leave the Amish community to pursue nursing. She felt a call to help others so they would not have to die like her sister while she stood by helpless. She stops in Montana to see a friend who had left the Amish community. There Amish and English lived together in a community.

She meets Caleb, a risk taker. He wants an Amish wife but one with spunk. Both Rebecca and Caleb find faith in God. This book was what I needed right now as I struggle with God’s plans at this point in my life.

Islands Sara Stamey


Reviewed by Inishowen Cailín

‘Romantic suspense and adventure: “Welcome to Paradise,” archeologist Susan Dunne hears on arrival at the Caribbean island to research petroglyphs and unravel the mystery of her brother’s drowning. Was John murdered? This sunny tourist paradise conceals shadowy secrets—violent native unrest, a sunken treasure guarded by legendary Jumbies, and a bloodthirsty cult. Susan literally dives into her investigation of the sunken treasure ship where John drowned, and its link to the photo of underwater petroglyphs he’d sent before his death. To find the truth, she must work with her number one suspect—Vic Manden, the salvage expert who was working the site with John. Resisting her attraction to the unpredictable combat vet Manden, Susan is soon in over her head in more ways than one. The only way through the murky intrigue is to dive deeper into the clues in her disturbing psychic visions.’ Source www.amazon.com
A ForeWord Book of the Year Finalist

Islands is set in the U.S. Virgin Islands in the year 1980. It centralises around Susan Dunne who travels to the island with two goals in mind, to research petroglyphs and discover the truth behind her brother’s ‘accidental’ drowning.

It is clear from the author’s very detailed descriptive passages that she has a lot of experience with the islands. The author could have written her own thesis with the amount of research that would have been involved in writing this novel. She brings the island alive for the reader with her wealth of knowledge about diving, the local people, the history, culture and superstitions of the region.

I would have liked a few of the characters to have been more developed. There were a lot of secondary characters to keep track of and I wasn’t able to develop any sense of liking or sympathy for any them. Also the motives behind some of the actions of the characters were never fully explained.