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Lethal Harvest (Technobiz Thriller Series) by Brad Gilbertson

Lethal HarvestReviewed by Dianne Woodman

Brad Gilbertson has written an entertaining and fast-paced, suspenseful thriller that is filled with nonstop action and capped off with an unexpected plot twist at the end. The story captures the reader’s interest and attention from the opening pages and keeps the reader engaged until the final page. Gilbertson does a good job of drawing readers into what the characters are feeling emotionally, which helps readers experience firsthand the situations in which the characters are involved and identify with the rationale behind their decisions. The story is set in the San Francisco Bay Area, in the fictional town of Monte Vista, with vivid descriptions of the area.

In Lethal Harvest, Larry Riegert and his vicious brother, Chuck, escape the clutches of a drug cartel in Baja, California. They move to Monte Vista, California, to make a business deal with their uncle, Athan Fortino. When Athan suffers a stroke that leaves him in a coma, the brothers take advantage of their uncle’s health woes to embezzle money from Fortino Vineyards. They use the money to buy a unique cocaine production operation and set it up in an abandoned, underground winery on their uncle’s property. To conceal the operations of the cocaine factory, Larry takes control of Athan’s affairs, including the construction of a new winery. As the cocaine operation becomes successful, it attracts the interest of people who are even more ruthless than Chuck.