Obama Confidential: Strange, Odd & Bizarre Letters to the 44th President by Marc Berlin

Obama Confidential Reviewed by Diane Pollock

What if you could read the President’s mail?

That’s the idea behind this book, with brilliant satirist Marc Berlin imagining what he would find in those boxes of letters.

Lighthearted and politically neutral, the writer brings many viewpoints forward. Much of the humor arises from our own flawed viewpoints, or the political process itself. For example, there are a number of letters from small companies in Ohio thanking the President for visiting. Visits that would not have occurred were Ohio not so important to Presidential politics. Also quite funny are the occasional imagined responses from the President, trying to tactfully respond to often rather crazed viewpoints.

A wonderful addition that alone makes the book worth your while are the many fine photos of the President and his family, complete with satirical captions! For example, “President Obama is caught red-handed with stolen apple by staff”.

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