Wiggle Room by Darden North

Wiggle RoomReviewed by Julie Moderson

This is Darden North’s fourth thriller. His first three have won awards and I am sure this one will as well. North is a board certified obstetrician and he has studied malpractice cases for several years so this is where he draws his storylines.

The story starts in Iraq during the war in a busy medical center. A serviceman dies despite heroic measures taken to save his life after he was injured by an IED blast. A medical inquest is called in his death because a doctor was busy helping an injured Iraq civilian that was injured by the same IED blast and the doctor is questioned to see if he did everything possible to save the soldier.

That is just the start of the story and it gets more exciting with each turn of the page. Look out because you will not be able to close this book. This book has so many plots at times you can’t catch your breath but you better have a clear head or the plot will confuse you and the ending will be one that you had no idea was possible. What a great book. I am sure this will win many awards for such creative, thrilling storytelling.

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