Miss Me When I’m Gone
by Emily Arsenault

Miss Me When I'm Gone Reviewed by Julie Moderson

I love this book! After the first chapter Emily Arsenault had me hooked, I read most of the night and wanted to keep reading but my eyes wouldn’t stay open.

Gretchen Waters and Jamie met in college and have been friends ever since. Gretchen married Jeremy whom was close friends with both girls and Jamie met Sam at a party in college. After graduation, Jamie got a job at a newspaper as a writer and Gretchen got a position at a marketing firm that produced view books for colleges. The girls maintained a close friendship for many years but it dwindled to e-mails after many years but they still felt close even after Gretchen got divorced from Jeremy.

Gretchen wrote and published one book called Tammyland and was working on her second book. This book was personal. She was writing about her mother who was murdered. She was investigating her mother’s life and death and uncovering some awful truths. Gretchen dies after a book signing at a library by falling down some steps and it is ruled accidental. After the funeral Gretchen’s adoptive mother asks Jamie to finish Gretchen’s book. Jamie is pregnant and working part time on a night shift at the newspaper and quickly agrees to do the book

As she starts digging into the life of her dear friend, Jamie uncovers some sinister things and her house is broken into and two computers are stolen. She thinks the break in is because of the book.

This is an intense book about friendship, love, abuse, and so many secrets.

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