Hot Stuff by Don Bruns

Hot Stuff by Don BrunsReviewed by Julie Moderson

Don Bruns has written a dozen novels before and he keeps getting better with each one.

James Lessor and Skip Moore are best friends and have started their own private investigating company. They are flat broke most of the time and always have an idea this will be their ticket to a better life. They share a crappy apartment that is always in a state of disarray and several months behind in some form or another.

Skip is dating Emily who is very wealthy. They are in love. Her parents do not like Skip because they feel she could do so much better. These three friends have been in several earlier books and Bruns does a good job of keeping them in later books.

Emily’s friend Amanda has been murdered outside of a supper club and Emily talks the owners into hiring the team to investigate the murder and giving them jobs so they have the inside scoop on the restaurant employees. It is a very fast book to read because you never see who did it until the very last page. Every time you think you have it figured out you don’t. I just loved this book.

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