The First to Say No
by Charles C. Anderson (Review #2)

The First to Say No Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

This excellent story starts with a real kick and it only gets better. Dr. Elita Romanov came to, not knowing where she was but was aware that she was wounded, and the guy who’s head was bobbing up and down between her legs was not supposed to be there. She slowly came to her senses as to what position she was in and what might be around to help her get this rapist off of her and get away. The guy was a member of a local gang member of the Plagues, a gang that ruled the neighborhood where she worked. The author tells her method of attempting a get-away and disposing of the rapist and getting away from the other gang members she could hear in the next room. Dr. Katherine Taylor had begged the hospital administrator for more protection as one after another of her staff was attacked, all to no avail. Many of the patients were high on drugs and alcohol and were in part a cause of some of the attacks, some in and some out of the hospital. Parkview Emergency Room was not a safe place to work.

Dr. Taylor and a new nurse, Jennifer, got together with a few others, some on staff and some off, and decided that maybe it was time for them to take some action since the hospital or the police would not. Parkview was in a declining area of the city but the employees had to be safe. When a new patient came to the door of the ED, the staff never knew what they were getting into. If it was late the doors had to be unlocked to admit a patient, otherwise they could just come inside for treatment. The many patients from the gangs had so many diseases so the staff knew they were susceptible to catching anything so, despite the care they took, they still never knew. Jack Hopkins was the most feared leader of the Plagues. Everyone feared him, his gang members, the police, and the hospital staff. There was a nearby park made for the neighborhood but controlled by the Plagues. Good citizens avoided the park.

Those trying to clean up the gang also suspected that some of the local police were crooked so they didn’t know whom to trust. Eventually some of the gang was found in the park killed by what appeared to be a sniper. This seemed to awake everyone but they still would not cooperate in stopping the attacks. The killing continued while the nurses and doctors got more involved in obtaining information of the gang and their locations. To advance the removal of the gang, acetaminophen laced chocolate bars and moonshine was devised and given or left for gang members. This worked great and sent many of the Plague to the ED, some alive and some too far gone.

Every day brought new and exciting challenges to Parkview Emergency Department but avoiding the law now as they discovered the acetaminophen killing method. The shutdown of the hospital was very possible with slowing patients and money flow very slim. This story is one that you will get your teeth into and will enjoy unless you have no feelings for humans, whether good or bad. The ending will surprise you as it did the staff at Parkview Hospital.

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