A Plain & Simple Heart (The Amish of Apple Grove) by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith

A Plain & Simple Heart Reviewed by Jane Squires

Rebecca has loved Jesse ever since meeting him during a cattle drive. The cowboys had helped her family when they were robbed. Rebecca is Amish. Her sister, Emma, married Luke the cowboy who was in charge of the cattle drive.

Rebecca leaves at night to set out to find who she thinks is her true love. She is arrested and put in jail. Colin, the sheriff, has a time with this spit fire of a young woman taking over the jail. Rebecca gets caught up in the Temperance Movement by accident. Yet through it all she makes friends with the Englishers.

Amos comes to bail her out of jail with money from the Amish Community. He cannot believe the outside world. He falls for Sassy – Sarah, who had worked in a Saloon. She returns to the Amish Community.

I could not put the book down. I read it in two days. Rebecca’s love for Jesse turns out to be the love for a friend. He is not what she thought he would be. She finds out he is not her true love. Yet on this adventure she finds her true love. I await the next book Lori and Virginia write together. God has gifted them both.

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